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Originally Posted by Soldier View Post
That being said, I also think that dips are one of a group of movements that could be a bad idea for certain people. If you find that a combination of development of muscular strength, mobility training over an extended period of time, and focus on form doesn't help with the pain, stick to alternative movements. It's not that big of a loss.
Obviously you're on a keyboard the other side of the world, I'm on a keyboard over her so it's going to be more difficult to see what we're on about. I guarantee if we were down the pub in person, we'd more than likely agree as we could show each other what we meant. And we'd probably have a good laugh, a game of darts and leer at some women.

So warning rant incoming...

If you're doing Dips like a mong, then yeah of course that IS going to hurt and no amount of stretching and/or mobility will allow you to hit positions which you aren't really supposed to hit.

However a LOT of what people do to get injured or stagnate, especially over the internet is a combination of

1) Lift like a retard, which leads to
2) Be unable to lift in this retarded fashion for any appreciable amount of volume and/or frequency, which leads to
3) Minimal strength or physique progress and/or even worse injury and general embarrassment of their progress and family name.

It's FAR easier to ignore a problem and say "hey I'm not built for it, I'm a hardgainer, I'm not on drugs, i'm not a pro" than to actually put in work to FIX the issues which are causing you to stagnate in the first place. Lazy people will listen to you, because lazy people are LAZY! And that means they can believe their laziness was right in the first place and you can feel comforted that your laziness wasn't actually laziness it was some unfortunate combination of malaise that life struck you down rather than just your own lack of application to the task. Throw in some cookier cutter recommendations from around the internet and BAM you've set yourself up as an internet guru for the down trodden hardgainer, faster than you can say 'genetic ceiling'.

This is especially true over the net, where it takes nothing more than a simple appeal to authority to announce oneself as a hardgainer or "not built for it". Yet, in reality these people shouldn't be listened to any more than that crazy alcoholic uncle who's always at the family gatherings who wants to tell you what's wrong with the world. At EVERY gym in the world you get one guy who laments over his lack of progress yet when you see him lift, he lifts like a complete retard. THAT is what's wrong, not his genetics, bone structure and/or Pluto not being in Jupiter. Yet over the 'net we can't see this.

See? Had we had this conversation over some beers, it'd be far easier!

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