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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Going to give the 15/15 a whirl today.

Okay, first things first, I have to say....this is NOT a squat, it should be initiated like a football hiking technique, hinge at hips, hips backward as if trying to touch a wall which gives the stretch in the hammies...using leg power from that position, drive to a standing posture, the leg drive is what is behind the arm power.

Are you doing snatch technique? That's slightly harder with a heavier KB but not so much with a lighter one...I'd advise wearing a sweatband around the wrists, or some form of padding (an old sock with the end cut off and doubled over would suffice), this is more so for people new to it, when technique is down, then the padding isn't required at all.

Keep the wrist straight, at the end, top position, of the snatch.

Even though the swing can be used for this as well (the 15:15 or the 36:36) more benefit is gained from the snatch.

But enjoy, and you'll be sucking plenty of air; so make sure to quit when it gets too much, don't push it.
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