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I do shoulder work like dislocations, pullaparts, wood bar stretches, interior and exterior rotations, etc. EVERY time I bench or press. I also stretch those areas afterwards.

On squat days, I just limber up with some arm swings, but mostly work on hip and leg mobility.

That said, I have done high bar squats almost exclusively, but recently have gone to low bar for a variety of reasons.

It jacked up my shoulders and wrists at first, but there is a caveat there.

High bar, I pulled my hands in max tight and felt great for a while, but I also noticed I tended to hunch over and sorta pull the bar into my neck at maximum. Not a good thing. Hands in did keep my upper back tight, but it also caused a hunch.

After I jacked my wrists benching which inflicted my high bar position, I tried low bar and realized it is much easier to squat heavy with that position. Really, the inch or so is a huge difference. However it jacked my shoulders.

What I realized is that high bar, you sort of hunch your traps and have to force your elbows down and forward to get that upright stance. OK. Well and good, but dropping down, you can lose tightness and your hands force the bar into your neck and you hunch and are effed.

Putting your hands out wide with a low bar position and all of a sudden your chest opens and the bar is sort of behind you rather than on you pushing you down and you feel monster strong. It's easier to stay tight and get the job done.

But I did notice that I didn't have as good control of the bar. Hands in tight I was locked in and the bar didn't move really. Hands out wide, even a slight bar movement side to side and my biceps and shoulders felt it heavy. Just something to think about.

I also noticed the I had a hell of a lot of meat on my rear delts I never knew I had once I started pulling my back into a low bar position. The bar does not move if you settle it right.

My experience. Hope it helps.

Edit: As I was rambling a bit here, let me clarify that since I have figured out how to settle the bar down low with my hands out wide so the bar doesn't move, I have not had trouble with my shoulders. So that was the point I was trying to make. If you can get into the low bar position with no pain, then you should be able to squat without trouble too as long as the bar is not moving around. If it hurts to get into low bar position, try the shoulder loosening stuff and try your hands out wider and keep forcing your elbows down and your chest open and up.
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