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Default Back in business

Today was the first proper session I have had in the gym since 7th December when I bollixed up my knee.

The last month or so has been tough because I love squatting , for those of you that didn’t notice , I was actually having a second run at smolov and I was beginning to get back to where I was in the summer, but at almost 10kgs lighter… I was really hopeful for a 200kg squat at the single lifts at the end of this month,
As things worked out I have no chance of making that meet and am now further back than I was after the break from squats for the last meet.

So what have I learned?
2012 thought me that I need to be squatting 2 or 3 times a week.
It also thought me that I need to be more patient and I need to work on my form rather than chasing numbers on an excel sheet.
So with that said ill most likely be bombarding you guys with a lot more squat , bench , DL and push press vids …
Please feel free to tear my form apart and point me in the right direction!

As soon as I was injured ,I pencilled in today as my comeback day , provided that I didn’t need surgery and thankfully I didn’t so I went in cautiously today to start back at the squats and also to start my new program (more on that in a minute)
It looks like Santa called by the gym during December as the whole place was all moved about , more priority is now given to the weights area and there are a few additional machines… which I don’t really care for , BUT there is now a hyper extension machine which is great cause I have a pretty shitty lower back that gives me a lot of trouble. Something to work with now for sure!
Also there is a decent floor in there now which should help my deadlifting ….as one of the guys said to me .,… its starting to look like a gym now!

So now to my new plan….
Im going back to basics and to what I know works for me.
Ive decided to combine two great minds of weightlifting Bill Starr and Steve Shaw

Im gonna do the 5*5 program for squats and pressing as per the Novice to Intermediate Lifters spreadsheet , drop the backwork from this, and for my back work use the program that Steve posted a while back for Rob Mori ( I think) , I had started to use this program before I injured my knee and liked it so ill restart and go from there,
i would also say that Steve has previously provided me with a deadlift program for my last meet and it got me a PR so ill follow any advise he can throw my way

Anyway, enough of this long post.

Cliff notes
-injured knee in December , no squatting
-knee feeling better today – start squatting
-new program starts today
-bring on 2013
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