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Default My take on the questions so far...

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
I have no desire to be a competitive bodybuilder or powerlifter, I just want to build the strongest best looking body I can. What are steps I should take toward body recomposition?
Puny to Powerful are all on the same continuum. The techniques and methods for safe, effective lifting are universal. How far you go on the continuum is up to you. It's like any skill. Take driving a car...some people can barely get a compact car in a parking space without reversing six times while others can do an e-brake slide and spin into a parking space like James F-ing Bond. The car is the same...the difference is the driver.

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
"I am 5'x and about 75 lbs overweight. The doctor says I have to lose weight or start taking xyz medications. How can I lose weight and get stronger in the least amount of time?"
Medications are a personal choice depending on your health risk level, but should be skipped or minimal if possible. Keep in mind your body needs time to get used to exercise. Also, building a habit initially is much more important then being an expert. Start basic, move deliberately, be consistent, make changes over time, keep seeking knowledge and you'll pick up momentum before you know it. Anyone can safely lose 75 lbs in 6-12 months if they are committed.

Originally Posted by bamazav View Post
"I was in the gym doing squats and some guy said I was doing them all wrong. He said I was going too deep and bending my back. What can I do to develop proper squat form?"
This person needs to be referred to someone who can properly assess squat form and then coach/cue effectively. That said, there is a lot of good info out there such as SQUAT RX on youtube, books by Stuart McGill, etc.

Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
the addition of belts/bands/wraps etc
how to use them , when to use them , should you even use them!!
I see these items fitting in at the beginner stage or the expert stage. Like micro plates, they can either assist a newb while building base ability and confidence, or allow an experienced lifter to still make progress when approaching natural limits. For those of us somewhere in the middle, it's more likely to be deficiencies in rest/sleep, diet, consistency or good programming that should be addressed before adding "toys." That said, there is some value in variety and they can be used to aid in achieving specific goals.

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
Question: I already do barbell curls, hammer curls, consentration curls, cable curls, and 21s; Is there anything else I can do to help my puny biceps?
Yes, eat more.

Originally Posted by Off Road View Post
What are your opinions on the two training methods for lifetime goals?

#1. Use a well rounded routine and work for years to bring up all the lifts. You will realize all your goals at the end of the long journey.
#2. Work specifically on one or two lifts at a time until they reach their potential, then work on a couple of different lifts. You will have achieved many goals at different times.
Personally, I have always pursued the first and am generally pleased as I have always been able to tackle any task/lift and never had to explain why I could bench a lot but couldn't do a pull up, etc.

However, there have been times I recognized a weakness and should have given it more attention. Also, sometimes I see a "mirror muscle monkey" and think, "Damn, that guy's chest, arms, etc. are huge!" Later I might notice the lack of balance overall, but he's still the guy that all the ladies notice!

If you are a competitive lifter, you may have to specialize for a time.
2017 goals: Stay consistent & get stronger

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