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Default Anecdotal background info: Bodyfat

So, this is the first fitness related summary posts to give me a record of my history in various categories.
This will be for insight into my condition and for comparison with future efforts and results...

Bodyfat History

Childhood - 20 years old: 4%
I was a very lean, very active kid who chronically under-ate.
11 pullups in 3rd grade.
Ran and climbed lots of trees until age 16.
Started bodybuilding at 16, usually 6x/week + running + sports, etc. while still under-eating. Went to college at 19 and was 139 lbs @ 4% BF.

20 - 25 years old: 8%
I went to college and ate much more, while training heavier and less frequently.
Was 165 lbs @ 8% BF after 2.5 years.

25 - 27 years old: 20-25%
Herniated a disk in 1999 and had spine surgery Oct 2000.
Lost 25 lbs of muscle while injured, gained it all back as fat in the 2 months post-op. 6 months of PT and another 18 months just to get back close to pre-injury condition.

27 - 34 years old: 8-10%
Held pretty steady. Got my BW up slightly to 175-180 and was stuck there.
Felt really good for this stretch but wasn't really focused on any particular goal. Had a even balance of strength, size and endurance.

34 years old: 15-18%
Tried bulking. Ate 4 big meals a day and drank at least a 1/2 gallon of milk + whey per day for 3-4 months. Did 5x5 WO.
Set PRs in all major lifts. DL 405x1, Bench 250x1, Squat ~360x1 (approx).Still doing sets of 15-20 pullups, etc.
Finished at 194 lbs @ 15% BF and strongest. Was not happy with extra BF.

34 - 36 years old: 10-12%
Got more into "functional" and random workouts. Dropped BF, kept most strength from the bulk, felt excellent. Struggled to get back into single digit BF. I think the bulk pushed my metabolism over a line.

36 - present (38): 15-18%
Met my wife Oct 2010. Got out of a training routine. Totaled my car Dec 2010, Major job changes in 2011. Resigned Apr 2012. Married Apr 2012. Moved to another state Apr 2012. Adapting to CO altitude, finding new job, settling into married life, etc. for last 8 months. Daily life is starting to normalize again.

Going forward...
Food quality has improved (raw milk, more protein, eating simpler, etc.)
Focus on simple strength progression in 6 major exercises.
Talking to the doctor about HRT (exhibiting many classic signs of low-T)
No more excuses(?). Going to workout regularly now b/c I need to and want to!
2017 goals: Stay consistent & get stronger
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