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New Years Eve deadlift suit trial

Thumb from smooth grip
Warm-ups to 100kgs raw then add slingshot
All reps paused on chest
120kgs x 1
130kgs x 1
140kgs x 1
155kgs x 1
160kgs x 1
165kgs x 1 assisted. Spotter got a bit antsy and grabbed the bar at the transition where it slowed down. Confident I could have got it but considering my touch and go PB with a wider grip is only 172.5kgs, I am pleased with a legit 160kgs pause.
Back-off sets
140kgs x 5
Remove slingshot
100kgs x 10 with loooong pause on last rep

14" Box Squats
Warm-ups to
135kgs for 6 sets of 3 with 60seconds rest between sets.
Worked on opening knees and sitting down instead of back. Felt much better.

Sumo pulls
Warm-ups to 140kgs raw. Bar felt stupidly light.
Add suit straps down.
140kgs x 1 Wow the suit is tight
160kgs x 1 Easy to pull but hard to get into position
180kgs for 3 singles with belt and straps down, straps up for last one. Very hard to get knees out and shoulders back.
190kgs for 2 singles with straps up and looser belt, ok pulls but bar still getting away in front of me.
190kgs for 1 single with straps down. Easier to get into position but upper back is fatigued.
200kgs with straps down. Missed at knees. Couldn't get bar right into me and it got away. Need to break the suit in and more importantly I need a stronger mid-upper back.

Overall not a bad session. I am still full of cold but apart from my nose running like a tap, I feel fine. Very pleased with the benching. Everything felt fast and tekkers was solid. Squats were a new technique and felt much more natural. If I can keep working this, I think it will work very nicely in my suit. Deadlifts were ok. Going to clear it with Coach F but I am thinking of doing the following pull variations for my three sessions per week:

1 - Raw triples 6 x 3 with short rest
2 - Overload work. Probably conventional rack pulls.
3 - Equipped pulls. Working on technique and set-up in the suit.

Happy New Year everyone!
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