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Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Very strong numbers super Jim ... what exactly is the target wt. at the end of JB's program for bench ... The way you are lifting, 3PPS for 1RM is not very far ... Lots of reps on incline db and GUNS ... great going mate ... keep lifting ...
Thanks Ravi!! Goal is 3PPS. Minimum really should be 300. Bench is just so unpredictable for me really.

Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great work Super Jim!!! Congrats on the big PR! Sucks about your eye, I really hope the docs will fix you up some! Keep pushin hard!
Thanks Jay!! Yep, I'll take any positive I can. Docs can't really fix it Jay. Just have to let nature take it's course sort of speak.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
Killed it yet again Squatter!
Thanks Ben!!

Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Thought you had the third rep for sure. Strong pressing though.
Thanks Al!! Ya, I thought I had it too until I just deflated like a balloon.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Congrats Jim! Great work.
Thanks Steve!!

Originally Posted by KD5NFW View Post
Bump for greatness!!

A lot of good work in there Jim! You're still setting PR's so the program is doing its job! Congratz on the 265x2
Thanks Rich!! Ya, it's still training that will help me reach my goal. No complaints so far at all about the program. It's an honor to be on it.

Originally Posted by moeheep View Post
Back would not be hurting if you would have let go of the 500 Lbs in your dream !!
Exactly!! I'm such an idiot!!

Originally Posted by BigJosh View Post
Great work Jim. Sometimes as lifters I think we lose the battle against ourselves, against our own head. The reason I say this is because I think you had the third rep in you and possibly even the forth. I mean that in an encouraging manner, not trying to be a dick or insinuate that you gave up, because I don't think you did. I just think sometimes mentally, it's just not a good afternoon or session for us and it effects our big lift.

Anyway, enough rambling, your bench form looked solid, you will get reps 3 and 4 next time. Great work.
Nice incline work. I am sure you got teh pump in teh chesticles.
I certainly cannot disagree with this Big J. Many times it's possible to lose focus for whatever reason. It seems this game is like 90% mental and 10% physical. However, I am nowadays winning more of the mental battles than losing them. I do feel I am now more mentally strong than ever, especially after my first 2 meets. Yep, a less than stellar day it was.

Haha - indeed, I got the biggest pump I have ever had. Felt good.
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