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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post

Right eye was better Friday but is now even worse today. Ugh

This marks the first time I missed prescribed reps. I know why - I couldn't get tight enough. I woke up with a bad lower back ache and my upper back was not recovered from Thursday. I know for a fact that under better "conditions" 265 X4 would have been owned.

I'm not disappointed at all tho. I gave it my all and I worked hard and I know it will be mine next time. I think I'm just getting to the point where I will need a little extra recovery time. Not sure how to proceed now as I will have to wait for JB to get back. Not pressing the panic button. It's his program so I am sure he has provisions in the event I miss reps.

Despite the issues, I did manage to set a PR. I have never repped 265 before. I have repped it 2 board, but never full ROM. I also decided to run the rack on the Incline DB's. Something different for sure.

The day started off the best ever tho. I had a dream that I was at my high school reunion and a guy asked me about my tattoos. I showed him my Zack Kahn one and then my Franco one deadlifting. Next thing I know I am pulling 500 and I locked it out and refused to let it go. Then I woke up at 7:53AM. Next thing I know my lower back is killing me. I have never had a lifting dream before.

Not sure how squats are going to pan out Sunday. It all depends on whether or not my back will co-operate.

Bench Press
Bar X8
75 X5
95 X5
135 X5
185 X3
205 X2

225 X4
245 X4 Felt Heavy
255 X3 Missed 1 rep here. Decided to do 265 anyway.
265 X2 PR for reps at thiss weight. Almost got the third. See Vid.
265 X1 Wanted 2 to make up some ground, but wasn't going to be.

Incline DB Bench
50's X10
60's X10
70's X10
80's X10
80's X8
70's X8
60's X8
50's X8
45's X8
40's X8
35's X8
30's X12
It's kinda a cool sensation when the 30's feel like 80's.

Tricep Pushdowns
42.5 X10
32.5 X10
37.5 X10
32.5 X10
27.5 X10
22.5 X10
12.5 X20

Squatter265X2BenchPress - YouTube
Bump for greatness!!

A lot of good work in there Jim! You're still setting PR's so the program is doing its job! Congratz on the 265x2
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