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Default Home gym chronicles, part 1; the great bulk

Ok, I failed last time I tried to keep a log, but I think I'n finally in a position to keep up with it. I'm also going to try to log my wife's training, as our goals are similiar and I think keeping track of her numbers will help keep her motivated. Last time I kept a log my lifts were as follows;

Bench- 285, not paused
Squat- 335

I've already blasted past my old dead lift PR, and now I can pull 405 with little issue. I haven't tried 425 in a while, but that should come very soon. I'm going to be doing the bulk of my training in my home gym which consists of an adjustable bench with a leg curl/extension aparatus and a seperate rack. As of right now we don't have any safety racks, but I'm going to build some soon so I can continue to push myself to higher bench and squat numbers without a spotter, and also so I can bring partial lifts from the bottom back into my training, which is one of my favorite modifications. I only have 390lb of weights, which is an issue that will need to be resolved soon.

I'm currently doing a bulk/strength cycle, eating well over maintenance. I'm about 20lb heavier than I was in my profile pick, and I plan to continue my bulk until I can set new pr's on all 3 lifts, with the goal of reaching an 1100lb total. I also want to work hard on pull ups, so they'll be REALLY good once I cut my bodyweight back down.

I'm going to be doing a cycle of a superdrol clone as well, starting in a couple weeks. I'm planning to bulk through the 4 week cycle and my 4 week pct. I'd have no problem with reaching 240lb bodyweight as long as the gain is reflected in my lifts, then I'll cut down to low teens for bodyfat, probably 205-210lb and try to keep as much strength as possible.

Strength goals for current bulk/superdrol cycle;

Bench- 315
Squat- 365
Deadlift- 455

This would give me a total of 1135. If I'm able to keep 1100 of that after pct and a solid cut I would be ecstatic, but for now I'm just going to train and eat like a beast.

My eventual goal is to train up for Amy air assault school, which involves long, hard ruck marches, lots of running, and some hard core obstacle courses that include rope climbing. This is why I need to be low teens for bodyfat, while also developing my back and arms for climbing.
Current PRs at 242, raw w/ wraps- 525, 355, 605, 1485
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