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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
I am moving along my journey with powerlifting (this question is perhaps not geared toward aesthetic lifters or body builders) and I accumulated some strength and some technique and am still improving on both.

I watch a lot of video of guys lifting and one thing I notice is there are guys at the top who have both. Their strength and technique are great, world class. We're not talking about them.

We're talking about the regular joe who is committed and wants to reach his personal potential. Usually, their strength is ridiculous and they get by with spotty technique. Or the reverse and their technique is awesome and their strength adequate to the task. I feel like I tend toward the latter, fwiw.

My question is: should we be striving for the middle ground? 50-50? Or should we be accentuating our strengths in either direction, like 60-40? Or maybe we should work on our weakness, 40-60 the other way?

I ask because I feel like I am making good gains, but maybe only because of really honing in on technique, assuming my "strength" was coming along too. Sure my strength is going up a little bit, but I wonder. The reason I wonder is because I can always push an extra rep in the submaximal range, but when it comes to the supra maximal range, I often fold like a house of cards.

When push comes to shove, you have to get the weight up and technique will only get you so far. At some point you have to have the butt strength to push it past your "technique". Right??

I hope you understand what I am saying. This is something that is bothering me. I'd love some input.
I'm partially going to address the top people's form because it's important in iteself; in addition to what you wrote, there is a top Oly lifter, and after having many of his snatch lifts analysed, it was found that in every rep, whether comp rep or training rep, he always ended up with the barbell pulled to the exact same height...that's the reason they believe he is in the top lifters of his sport, his technique is almost flawless in that aspect.

I know you say your strength is going up a little bit but the body has to compensate and adjust to heavy lifts, doing heavy lifts permits ot to do so, as you know...breaks or deloads help it to learn (for want of a better word, only because I can't rememeber the word we use to describe the process ); I've always found that after a short 1 or 2 week break, I'm generally hitting a new PB, especially if I trained submaixmally in the 2-3 weeks preceding the break. And, to add further, it's better to have slow progress than no progress...add a 5lb new PB once in a while or add no new PB in months and the slow progress will still get you there's the tortoise and the hare, all over!
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