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Thanks fellas! Not hurting too bad today. I mean wicked sore from shoulder blades to ankles, but nothing really bad. I actually think form wise, those were some of my best deadlifts ever. Normally, my lower back is effed after deadlifting, but nothing else really is. This time everything else is sore, but my low back is fairly good. I have learned the hard way to just let go of the bar rather than keep pulling from a bad low back position. So that's showing some smarts at least. I'm on the right track. I just need to keep working on some little things.

So, watching them again I see exactly what mike is talking about and I can fix that. Moving my hands out will help with the arm flexing too. I was concentrating on hips being low enough at the start, but with my hands in tight, my knees force my arms to bend. So an inch out, I solve both problems.

As for my hips back, I think it was more my chest not up enough. I need to get my butt down, chest up, get much tighter, and then pull back slow off the floor then boom hips as it passes my knees.

Also, I think I lose it when it gets really heavy because I'm not tight enough. My legs can push it, but my shoulders don't keep up, so I get forward and that's that.

But, enough thinking and micromanaging angles etc. Obviously, you have to keep getting better form, and I'm glad for the tips, so keep 'em coming. But, bottom line is I have to get stronger all over. I'm hitting bigger and bigger numbers in every lift, but a lot of it is due to form getting better and better, and the tweaks and tricks I'm picking up. Technique is only half the battle. I need to really work on the other half more in my opinion.

This program has made me realize there are some key areas for each lift that have to get stronger if you actually want to get stronger.

Live and learn. There you go. Thanks fellas.
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