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Yeah, big lesson for the mind too, Markie. I need to keep that confidence going.

Thanks Ravi, Hunter, and JB. 375 will be awesome! Your point about progression made me think too. You know in January this year, my 1 rep max was 280ish! 305 was my max in March at my first meet. To think now I maybe will do 375+ by March a year later? Man, I'd have never believed it back then.

Good point D!! I noticed my right leg had a lot harder time than my left. Granted the right has the bad ankle, but still. I clearly have imbalances and maybe need to do more single leg stuff to figure out what and then address it. Thanks.

OK, workmanlike day today. My wrists and forearms are all banged up. I need my wrist wraps, Santa!! And the low bar squatting is jacking them up a little too. Christmas can't get here soon enough!

Pressed for time, so just a basic rowing and band warmup

10x 185, 195, 200
9x 205 (just ran out of gas)

Kaz Press:
4x 10x 70+EZ bar (most sets more than 10 reps, still trying to figure this thing out)
ss w/ 4x 15x 150 Lat Pulldowns

4x 20x 23

Done in like 35 min.
Finished with tricep and chest stretches, then some full body stretching and squat sits as pretty much everything hurts from those squats yesterday.

CGBP 9x 205:
Kaz Press:
Kaz another view:

The probably bastardized Kaz presses I'm doing do work as they fire up your triceps, but they really are not that hard. I could add more weight to them. Only at the very bottom do they get super hard, but once the bar gets moving it rapidly gets easier until you hit the bottom again.

Probably much ado about nothing though. Triceps are fried which is probably all JB cares about anyway!

OK, so very unlikey to hit deadlifts tomorrow, which means a Saturday night deadlift-a-thon. Hopefully, the extra day rest will help with the little aches and pains I got going on. I'm planning on something BIG on the bar Saturday night. Fingers crossed.

JB, I'll start week 5 the day after Christmas. Thanks for this program. It's an awesome gift so far.
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