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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
I like the idea of an 8 day cycle. That looks solid. Simple, and hard work.

I agree with GL on many of his points, and normally I wouldn't recommend Smolov for a younger lifter. But with that said, I know your track record and how hard you work. I think trying this for a month would be OK.

i dont think it will mess anything up. it will only take a little over 3 weeks, which is nothing. i plan to still squat (as posted above). its not like anything else i do will really suffer.

Originally Posted by jslep View Post
without actually knowing you personally i don't want you to take offense to this but this is just kinda how i have seen you post..........

you are very young and very determined and very impatient.....
you get an idea in your head of where you want to go with your training and alot of times no matter what the advice is you seem to wanna go your own way.........
you are always searching for new ways and new ideas to achieve you goals but never actually sticking to one and driving foward.........

being strong in mind and driven like you seem to be is not a bad thing i think its just clouding your judgement sometimes on just keeping things simple and gettin work done. you want this bench so badly i wonder if its cause you feel like you have to prove to people how strong you are with #'s. what you are doin at your age and the knowledge you have right now has set you up for a lifetime of strength.

don't take any of what i said the wrong way. hope you find the workout that fits you and you stick with it.
thanks man. good post. most of this is very true.

right now im very obsessed on this 225 bench. i know lifting isnt about instant gratification, but im dying for this.

the reason i want this so bad, is because the bench is ****ting on my total. with the progress i've been making on front squats (and that i plan to continue making), my squat and dead should fly through the roof. right now im sitting at 315, 210, 390=915. that squat is after a heavy front squat workout, so i could probably get 325 fresh at least. my deadlift technique sucks, and once i get that fixed 405 and beyond.

within a 2-3 months, i believe i could squat 350 and pull 410(at least). lets say by then i bench 225, total=985. but if i get to 225 sooner, by using smolov and then im set and can get a few lbs added to bench and probably more on my dead, putting me over my goal of 1000.

i agree, that i do get an idea in my head, and thats all i want to do. this happens in all aspects of my life.... i pick something and become obbsessed with it, until the next thing (thats why its suprising ive sticked with lifting for this long).

i know most ideas you tell me are better, but even with a better plan, it wont matter if im not mentally in it- progress would be ****. this is why i allow my desire to override the smarter opinions.

also, it is true. partially i want this for myself (VERY BADLY), but also i want it just to say i got it. me and my friends compete with this ****, and i want to be the best. i used to play every sport you could think of, but when i went to a new HS, where i knew few people, i just got fat and had no confidence so i didnt try for anything. now lifting is my place to **** on others. im pretty strong for the average kid, plus i want it more than most. i want to have rediculous numbers by the end of this year. its february and i need to make **** happen, before i lean up for summer.

another reason i want to be strong thats not for myself is for my future. i want to be a strength coach, be a PT, and/or own a gym. i want to not only talk, the talk, but walk the walk. i want to be so ****ing strong, that people want to come and train with me. i dont want to have a **** as job that i hate like my dad. i want to love what i do, and although education is important, i also think to do this i need to be a walking advertisement. for ex: the reason its so easy for me to accept most of the blog posts of Jamie (Chaos and Pain blog) is becuase hes strong as **** and ripped to hell.

once again, i need to get this bench over with, so that i can focus on my OH press and squat (and even DL). just need to get it to clear my mind.

Not saying for sure im going with smolov, but i think it may get me the instint gradification i need.
I <3 front squats
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