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I liked squatting multiple times a week, but only one was heavy. I think it actually helps recovery as you kind of get blood in there and work out the kinks, etc.

I also make it a priority to do mobility stuff prior and dedicated stretching and foam rolling afterwards. I would do dydnamic hip stretches and mtn climber jumps (mobilitywod stuff) also active hamstring and quad stretches like walking knee to chest grabs and ankle grabs stuff like that before I lifted. Stretching after was just normal stretching. I now do foam rolling beforehand too.

Also it did teach me a lot about the lift itself and things I was doing wrong. I also did variations. Goblet squats obviously light, Band around knees squats (BW), Explosive squats and squat jumps (light), front squats (medium), etc. Granted I was and still am in the learning mode about the lift itself, but it was extremely beneficial in a lot of ways.

One other thing about frequency with very little intensity was that it was mentally refreshing too. When I squatted once a week it was always max heavy and it crushed me mentally and physically. I dreaded the damage I knew was coming when I hit those last few sets. I couldn't possibly think of squatting again for a week. And I always worried about my form when things got heavy which in hindsight was distracting to the effort.

But adding in the light days sort of grooved my motion and took that form worry away, while at the same time I was dominating lighter weights sort of taking away a lot of that dread for those heavy sets later on. Once I didn't "dread" squatting so much, I found out I wasn't as sore nor was recovery as bad either.

Just my experience. Hope that helps.
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