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Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Get your form straight before you go heavy
Progression in key - add weight or reps when you can
Don't get greedy - this is a long game. Adding too much too soon can leave you injured
Eat. Adjust as needed.
Focus. Gym time is work time. Socialization is fine, but spend time under the bar.
Don't buffet train - You don't need to hit your biceps from 8 different angles, you need to get your primary lifts up.
Get brutally strong - your chest isn't impressed with 15 pound flyes. Get your lifts up and good things will happen.
Have fun - if you hate your time in the gym, you aren't likely to make much progress.
Excellent tips.

What I did was break down one of your tips... Focus. Just broke it down into the possible things that might be affecting focus through bad time management in the gym

The smallest things can affect the biggest things...
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