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Originally Posted by bruteforce View Post
Not that I disagree with a whole of of what you said, but who are you trying to help with this?

Just to get some clarification around some of these points, can you address a few issues?

1. What is wrong with spending 2 hours in the gym? While I agree with the sentiment expressed by BendTheBar that if you can't destroy yourself in an hour, you aren't trying, I also know that implements training sessions can easily run 3-4 hours. I just want your take on time limits.

2. Do you allow more rest depending on training style? I need a good 3-5 minutes between sets of balls out squats or deadlifts before I feel it's safe to get back under the bar. Is this written with a specific goal in mind?

Again, in general, I agree with most of the stuff here, just curious what your take on the above points is.
I'm trying to help mostly beginners with this post as I said in the OP.

1- I have read studies that indicate that testosterone levels (unless juicing) are at an optimum level for a maximum of 45 to 60 minutes of a workout. So the closer you get to that time-frame with your workout, the faster your body will start balancing test levels again. On the other hand, if that does not happen, your test levels could suffer delay and so do your muscle gains.

2- It really does not depend on training style. When someone needs 5 minutes or more to recover from a set, it's highly probable that that person needs to work on stamina.

However, my point was not based on recovery from set to set. I was talking about going off to chat or get distracted for too long between sets or exercises.

Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Just giving you my honest opinion, not hating or flaming.

Time in the gym chattering really won't hinder results. That's probably not in the top 10 reasons why guys fail.

If someone is dedicated, has a good workout, is eating right and focused on progression, then a few extra minutes between sets over the long haul isn't going to hinder results.
Yes, you are right. What I meant was chatting for too long. I have seen groups of people talking for as long as 15 minutes and not doing any training for that period of time. And disturbing other people from working out.

So not only would that group of people hinder their own results, but they could also be hindering other people's results.

Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
What is wrong with making new friends? Heck, I met my wife of 17 years at the gym while I was squatting!.

I also do think you do not have the right to tell someone to shut up unless they are being rude or offensive.

I also take 3-5 minutes of rest sometimes. Call it instinctive resting if you want, but I agree with Brute as I am not going to get under a heavy squat until I am ready. I get siked up for the lift immediately before the lift. I have zero problems focusing on the lift. Often I will be chatting with my crew but it is usually about the lift just completed by a team member.

While I agree many people waste alot of time, especially when they are training in groups, but over time, if they are serious about training, they will learn to naturally pace themselves.
My point is wasting too much time chatting or making new friends and getting distracted from the workout. There's nothing wrong about it unless you do it for extended periods of time.

And you got a point... if they are serious about training. So I want to help beginners and people needing advice about their workout time so they can make the best out of each workout.

I replied to bruteforce about rest between sets and exercises...

Originally Posted by 5kgLifter View Post
If they were bigger than me, I'd let them talk

But, everything in moderation, no issue with people making friends, gassing whilst resting between heavy sets, phone for emergency purposes (it can happen). As long as you don't interfere with someone else's workout, it really doesn't matter. Making friends in the gym isn't really a mistake since you could bump in to someone that could advance your training by years, if only you'd taken the time to say "hi!".
Haha! Yeah, well they don't scare anyone... Chatting ain't helping them.

Good points. Moderation is key.
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