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Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
Great deadlifting! That was an awesome last set.

You know it's interesting to see how we are different. Obviously you're a much stronger deadlifter and "squatter" (HaHa!), but we are actually pretty even in bench.

Yet some things you are much better at. The board presses today were the hardest thing I've done on bench in a while, yet you had more in you. There's no way I could have done 135 OHP press after benching the other day even with cheating on every rep, but you were hitting 8s with it! The CGBP and Kaz pres were pretty easy for me, but seemed kind of hard for you if I'm reading you right.

I just think it's interesting how people are different even though pushing similar weights on the main lift. Of course maybe it had to do with the day itself being a good or not quite as good, but there you go, that kind of stuff fascinates me.

Rock on brother!

Oh, and good one AL! That was funny!
Thanks Mike!! Great analysis! On Bench, the only thing I can think of to account for the differences could be form and/or the Crew. I am sure just being in the presence of them, especially on bench day, makes me stronger. My tri's also weaken fast, which makes doing CGBP right after a struggle for me. Kaz Press was tough as well, for the same reason, but I actually found them to be not as relatively tough as CGBP.

Bench has always been the one lift I have struggled the most with over the years. It is the lift I still struggle with most at meets today. Gotta change that!!

BTW - Al is not funny!! haha He's a big meanie/bully picking on me!!

Originally Posted by Caitlyn.Trout View Post
Nice work! I guess everyone else noticed too because I had to go back 3 pages just to see your last workout! lol Unfortunately my gym doesn't have a power rack right now so I'm left with block pulls only for now .
Thanks Caitlyn!! I'll hopefully have to start bumping!! The rack Pulls were done at home in my "JimGym" I have everything I need, except I would like a reverse hyperextension and a leg press.

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