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Originally Posted by markievicz View Post

is there any other way
Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
Totally agreed with Steve and Alan ... If I remembered correctly, you were into cutting mode very aggressively as start. And at the same time you were logging of dropping in strength. But since your main motive was cutting down the wt. , it didn't bothered you too much. Don't run but take one step at a time and everything will be smooth pretty soon ...

Thanks guys. I'm starting to think forum members on here are obsessed with lifting heavy I've revised my starting numbers for all lifts on the new program thus lifting weights that were scheduled 6-8 weeks away. For example, I was going to program squats at 85 and 100 for the density and strength parts respectively but in hindsight, this is far too low so it will now be 100 and 115 respectively. All other lifts will receive similar increases.

Thurs 6 Dec 2012
Cycle 1 Week 1 Back Density

I was supposed to do Pendlay rows and chins but ended up doing the deadlift challenge and you'll forgive me for not having much left to complete other lifts!

Power Cleans
77.5kg: 5 x singles - Mostly crisp and powerful. This weight is almost 90% of my 1RM so that's a good sign.

December Deadlift Challenge - Think I found my ballsac today
Was supposed to hit 15 singles in 10 minutes but went for the challenge instead. My 1RM is 185kg so 70% is 129.5kg which obviously means 130kg was the weight lifted.

Ended up doing 66 reps in 30 minutes, easily a volume PR
Conditioning is really kicking on, felt fresh at the end with the only issue the tightening lower back. Actually did almost as many reps in the last 10 minutes as the first 10 and was speeding up towards the end. Did almost all triples with the occasional double and 2 sets of 4 thrown in.

On a side note, is it me or are gym rats lazy? Does anyone clean the weight off the floor anymore?

With about 6 minutes left on the challenge, some bro came up to me and asked how much I have left. When he eventually used the power rack, what did himself and his bro partner do? Shoulder presses with 2.5kg on each side followed by 5kg on each side. My point is not the weight lifted, it's the fact that they could have easily performed that exercise in another section of the gym. Just lift the bar off the ground people Rant over.
No excuses, just results.

Getting it done one session at a time.

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