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Thanks fellas! 300 definitely on the radar. I never count my chickens early, but I feel pretty confident in my benching lately. When I hit the setup right and stay in the groove with the bar, I can just crush some reps. Max weight is a different story though. Gotta build up to that.

OK, so squat days on this program are just hammerin' brutal. I felt great going in, bumped the squat sets a bit as I decided to go with a belt, very pleased to have hit those pretty well, but then I gradually morphed into a quivering mass on the floor of my garage over the next 35 min. Man, I better hit a big ass squat JB or there's no chance those Ab sets were worth it!!

warmups: Just leg and hip stuff and 3x 1 min Jump Rope, a couple squat jumps to get loose

3x 8x 240 (Yeah buddddyyy!)

GMs, never done these before and it shows:
6x 155
3x 6x 165

Calf raises, BB on back, toes on an inch board:
14x 275 (HOLY MOLY!)
3x 20x 225 (last rep you might have been able to slip a dime under my heels!)

Abs 10-15 sec between sets to start, about 20-30 sec. by end:
4x 10 BB Rollouts
ss w/ 4x 10, each side, Standing Cable Chops

1 min break

Situps: BW+10x 20, BW+5x 20, (F*** it!) 2x 20x BW
ss w/ 3x 10, each side, Russian Twists +10, 10 x BW

These last sets had the added advantage on being able to simply lie back on the floor afterward. It was nice of my daughter to bring me my water and save me from having to crawl over there and get it. Revived me enough to get my back yoga done and drag myself up the stairs for a shower.

Today was killer. I'm telling you, even as I sit here, it feels like all my ribs are all trying to abandon ship in different directions. It would have been amusing filming those sets for sure! Alas, camera was dead by then.

GMs could use work, but looking back I think I should dump the squat shoes as I think they pitch me forward on them. Felt like I was too far on my toes anyway.

That played into some serious calf quivering on those calf sets! They didn't cramp, but I was worried.

First set of 240:
Last set of 240:
GM 6x 155:
6x 165:

So comments on those are welcome. I felt them more in my back than anything else. Tried to be explosive with them. Finished the sets easy enough.

Still, there you go. Survived another squat day on JB's Power Plan (my vote for the program name). It was hard for sure, but I made it with no missed reps.
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