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Funny you should say that JB. Squats at a meet, I just dread with every fiber of my being. I'm super nervous, say a prayer before every attempt, and just hope to not get squished like a bug.

Bench and Deadlifts, not so much. I'm not stressed about either. Not necessarily more confident, just not worried about whatever happens. I focus and do my best, but I'm not nervous before either lift. Weird.

I am looking forward to the meet though as I really want to hit a much bigger deadlift. Last year was squat focus and that lift went pretty well. This year is more deadlift oriented. Time to get that lift into a respectable range.

Bench is bench. It rises or not as it pleases apparently. Right now it's rolling, but that could disappear in a flash in my limited experience so far.

Thanks fellas! I'll get after it.

Crushed bench day today! JB we're going for 300 this cycle so buckle up!

Tuesday, BBBT week 2

warmups: 3 min rowing, 4x 12x 100 Lat Pulldowns, shoulder stuff

3x 8x 200 (BooYeah!!)

OHP, a little english on some reps as I was going all out:
4x 6x 125 (last set was only 5, I was getting light headed)

Incline DB, this was a CF, so enjoy watching that foolishness!:
4x 75DB
4x 8-10x 65DB

2x 15x 25

Lat Pulldown:
4x 12x 140 (held each rep a beat at bottom)

SOme tricep and chest stretches, and more shoulder stuff.

First set 8x 200:
Last set 8x 200:
Third set of 6x 125:
Cluster F*** first Incline DB set:
First set of 65s:
Last set of 65s:

So that was interesting. The DBs were too heavy and awkward ( and I was too tired) to clean them up to my shoulders. The spin locks don't allow you to kip 'em up with your thighs unless you're a masochist. So, that method off the sawhorses "worked", but I'm not sure it was worth it as it was awkward as hell.

Maybe if I have enough 10 lb plates, I could try them that way and make 'em less awkward, but I'd be limited on progression due to lack of plates as I'm sure I don't have more than 12 ten pound plates.

Or maybe I could rig a way to hang them? I'll noodle that and see.

Anyway, good stuff. Bench is rolling along. Squats tomorrow.

JB did I read that right? FOUR Ab exercises tomorrow all for 4x 10? Uh, that's gonna leave a mark!
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