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Originally Posted by LtL View Post
Love this style of routine. You'll kill it.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Kick ass, take names!
Originally Posted by ravimolasaria View Post
You keep your eye on program and we will take care of kicking part ...
You will rock ...

Programs looks very good ... kill it Kuyt ...
Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
best of luck with the new program P,

180 , here you come
Thanks guys. I was considering coming up with a new log but decided to keep this one so I can look back and see my mistakes and remind myself not to continue making them!

Further to the program which essentially a replica of a program Steve wrote with one or two changes (the addition of power cleans and push presses for example), I also have something of an overall plan for 2013 (and the end of this year of course).
First up, I will dedicate the next 8-12 weeks (probably 12) to cutting some more fat and getting into the best shape of my life with conditioning work. I should be at 180 pounds or less by the end of this stage. The next stage is a long period of weight gain which will hopefully take me up towards 220 by the end of the year where I will look a damn site better than the flabby mess I was at 207-210

Looking back at my training, I see where my mistakes lie.
(1) - An unwillingness to really stick or twist. I wanted to gain strength but since I was already over 200 with a body fat of over 20%, I didn't gain the necessary weight. If I was to go to 220-230, I would have been 30% bf most likely and that is unacceptable. Instead of committing to losing weight and sacrificing strength, I was in limbo for months. Additionally, I wouldn't have been strong enough at 230 to justify such excessive body fat in my opinion.

(2) - Not being aware of my level. By that I mean trying to mix and match like an advanced lifter when I am really only at the beginning of intermediate level in terms of strength.

(3) - Training like a powerlifter but not enough to be ready for a competition and not establishing a strength base first. These mistakes will be solved thusly:

(1) - I am already in the process of losing fat and it was a great decision, one that should have been made a year ago. My strength has of course fallen but it wasn't at a high level to begin with. Therefore, surpassing my existing PRs will happen rather quickly once I dedicate myself to the weight gain. The enchanced conditioning I will have shall undoubtedly help in the weight room.

(2) - I am acutely aware of my level and will stay with a single program for many months, regardless of any peaks or troughs. It contains all the exercises I normally do anyway so there is no earthly reason not to give it at least 6 months if not a full year.

(3) - The program I chose is a mix of heavy triples and more bodybuilding orientated sets and reps to finally give me that much needed strength base.

In a nutshell, by January 2014, I will be a superior lifter in terms of strength, physique and conditioning. Bring it on
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