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Snowman is off to a bad start


I'm going to start one of the Hepburn methods but don't know which one works the best for strength and muscle.

The ones I know of are:

8x2->8x3 + 3x6-> 3x8

5-8x1 + 5x3->5x5

8x2->3 + 6,5,4,4,3 + 10 (in Hepburn's law)

and the one alternating 4-10x1 and 4-10x3. (twiceborn)

I'm thinking of uniting the 4-10*1 and 4-10x3 workouts to same week if that would still work?

for ex.

mon: Bench +ohp 4-10x1
Tue: Squat + dead 4-10x1
Thu: Bench + ohp 4-10x3
Fri: Squat + dead 4-10x3

Do you think this could work?

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