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Originally Posted by SCStrong View Post
I am sure there is already a place to post this but....
A few squat questions:

1- I seem to be feeling my deep squats more in my glutes and lower back as oppossed to my quauds- Is this normal? Do I need to correct something?

2- This may sound stupid but I am a noob - When I am squating heavy, my face gets really red and it feels like my eyes are about to pop out.... I am assuming this is just maximum effort ( and therefore, a good thing) but just to be sure --- do I need to be worried here?
For the second point. When you take a breath before you squat you should breathe into your belly, not your chest.

If you feel your shoulders and the bar raise up when you take a breath you are are breathing into the wrong place; your stomach should expand, not your chest.

I was having the same issue and found this stopped making me feel like my head was going to pop every time I squatted.
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