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Today was supposed to be Bench ME day, however Bench Auxiliary day was more suited to working with the crew since I had to do board presses. I cleared it thru the boss tho!! ME Bench will be done next Thursday in the JimGym. Tomorrow is Squat ME with the Crew.

Today's session was done hot on the heels of my Eye appointment yesterday. I have really super good news to share. The Birdshot has stabilized, along with no growth on the Cataracts, DESPITE NO TREATMENT!!!. (he cannot treat it due to the fact Steroid shots act like fertilizer for Cataracts) This is simply the best I and the surgeons could have hoped for. Prayers have been answered. The surgeon said this is unheard of as he sat there smiling his face off. In fact, he said my vision has actually improved slightly. he told me not to change a thing in my lifestyle, diet, etc., just in case it has something to do with the stabilization. This is now the 2nd time a Doc has told me this. I told him the only thing I have changed since the last appointment, when my eyes were going downhill fast, was the addition of tons of Pomegranate's into my diet. I am hopelessly addicted to those sweet ruby red little gems. I eat them like they are going out of style.

I actually almost lost it emotionally in his office, due to the fact I have been praying hard to my late mother, and I feel she has responded, at least for now. things could change in a hurry of course, and the previous damage cannot be undone, but every day I can see is a blessing and I'll take it.

Needless, to say, I was pumped and ready to rock it today. My facet joint/lower back has felt tight the last 2 days, but It is not now aand I feel like a billion bucks.

2 Board Bench Press
Warm Up (Full ROM)
95 X5
135 X5
155 X3
185 X2
205 X1
225 X1
Working (2 Board)
245 X5
245 X5
245 X5
245 X5
Just the right weight selection here. The vid is of the last set, and I think I was 1, maybe 2 reps from failure. I did manage to keep tightness throughout, with the exception of a rep here and there, but Crew said I did a great job.

Rope Pushdowns
32.5 X10 X5 Sets
Got a good burn in the triceps with these.

DB Pullovers
Goal was to get a great stretch as I move up in weight each set.
40 X8
45 X8
50 X8
55 X8
I could do a bit more weight next time. Felt really good. I also did static hangs in between each set to get an even better stretch in the pecs and back.

DB Rows SS Face Pulls
70 X8/42.5 X10 X3 sets
70 X10/42.5 X12 X1 set
I haven't done DB rows in a Coon's age, and man they felt awesome. I was supposed to ss another rear delt movement with the face pulls, but I couldn't think of one I wanted to do, so I figured DB Rows would suffice. I got an absolutely incredible pump and burn in my upper back from these. I just loved it. I wasn't sure how my low back would handle the DB Rows, as I remembered last time I did them the lower back did not like it one bit, so I went relatively light-ish on them.

I am so in love with this program, I want to marry it lol.

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