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Originally Posted by quigs View Post
Wife says she wants advice on how to kick the soda habit. She drinks at least 2 a day if not more. What is some good advice I can offer her besides dont buy it as it will then be a temptation.
Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
First off, don't turn to diet drinks. Between the aspartame and all the other nonsense.

My advice is to slowly lower the habit. Days 1-3 80%, days 4-6 70%, whatever. Pulling back slowly can work well.
Since she's already decided she wants to give the stuff up, cutting down gradually (as above) would seem the best plan of attack...but she has to decide exactly how she will do it and have it written down on a calendar or something because otherwise she won't recall how much she drank the day, or even two days before, and just end up caught in a perpetual cycle of not cutting back. So, make a plan, write it out and stick with it, no more than stipulated on any set day; you could cut the amount every day, every two days, or even once a week...depending on how she feels about it.
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