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Thanks JK and Kuyt! I'm getting this train rolling again.

Well, no doubt about it. Press days are much easier than Squat or Deadlift days. Squat days I can barely function after the 5x 10s and certainly can't add reps easily, deadlifts are similar, but press days I can bang out some presses and have plenty for more afterward. Not sure why that is, but it is.

Friday, cycle 1, week 2

warmups: 3x 1 min rowing, 6x 2 chinups
Dynamic: 3x 5-8 pylo pushups

5x 165, 190, 215
ss w/ band shoulder work sets of 15

BBB sets:
5x 10x 155 (last set 16, push this to 165 next time, but warmup better overall)
ss w/ DB Rows: 5x 10x 75

Hammers: 2x 10x 25
Reverse Flys: 2x 15x 10

Farmers: 2x 45-60 sec. walks w/ 75 DBs

5x 215, belt so that I can see where I start to lose my arch:
First set of 155s my shoulder gave out in a weird way. Must have misgrooved or set up wrong or not warmed up well or something because it wasn't a problem after that. I'll show you just to see if anyone notices what the problem was as I can't tell.
Second set, I was tentative at first, but didn't feel the shoulder at all:
Last set:

So, the shoulder thing was weird, but seems to have gone as quickly as it came so that's good.

I'm going to start pushing a lot harder on squat days. It's almost like I just push harder on press days. Maybe the high volume squats are more mental than physical for me. We'll see because next Tuesday I'm going to push for slightly more weight and as many reps as possible in the last set and see what happens.

Anyway, there you go. Still getting into the swing of this routine.
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