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Default Has anyone here made big gains on a blender diet?

For me, the toughest part of adhering to a muscle-gain regimen is forcing myself to eat. I have TMJ, which in my case means that my lower left jawbone rubs violently against my upper left jawbone every time I chew, sending a nasty little pop right into my eardrum. Has anyone here gained substantial muscle on a diet of all-blended foods? How were your energy levels throughout the day? I've tentatively tried taking my diet in this direction before, but always found that liquid meals gave me a fast burst of energy with a steep drop-off, more-or-less regardless of what they consisted of. I'm wondering whether this problem could be a temporary thing which would disappear if I only persevered. Has anyone had a tough time with blended meals at first, but then come to live with them without problems? Of course I would not just be drinking some ready-made stuff like Myoplex six times a day; I'd include as many "real" foods as possible.
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