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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post

Goal was to have fun tonight. The only way to have fun on a cold, dark, and super snowy night is to either have sex or squat. Since Mrs Squatter had a headache.........

All reps ATG
95 X8
115 X8
135 X8
155 X8
175 X8
195 X8
205 X8
225 X8
245 X8
265 X8
285 X8

GM's (Wide Stance)
115 X8
115 X8
115 X8

Crazy 8's. Turned out to be a total of 88 deep reps. Didn't plan it this way per se - I just wanted to do sets of 8 until I started to lose form and get tired. 8 reps was chosen to prepare me a bit for the start of the new routine.

Ever since I got called on depth on my opener in Vegas I have just wanted to bury everything in sight. It really hit me hard as I was so upset about it. There is something about being called on depth at a meet that really eats away at me.

Squatter245X8DeepSquat - YouTube

Squatter265X8DeepSquat - YouTube

Squatter285X8DeepSquat - YouTube

Squatter115X8WideGM - YouTube
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Originally Posted by Hunterace View Post
Great workout Super Jim! Looks like we both have fun Saturdays planned! The new program looks like its right up your alley!
Thanks Jay!! Indeed, I see you have a lifting date with Steve!!

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
You got it, super set all 3. No need to be in a hurry. Just a nice rotation of the 3 lifts. The idea is to have the legs full of blood, similar to a BB type pump. The drop down weight will seem like nothing at first, but trust me it will pay off.

Kaz press: skip to 2:57 11/18/12 Cube Accessory Day - YouTube

Let me know if there is no extension/ham machine and we will work another iso type movment in.
Gotcha. I trust you 100% JB. Thanks for the clarification. I'll be running this program exactly how you write it and I will be giving you all the feedback I can. I simply cannot wait to begin.

Thanks for the vid!! I will use a EZ Curl bar in the vid. I think I have a good idea now how to do it. I'll take a vid of my Kaz's as well.

I will for sure let you know on the leg extrension and ham curl machines. It's funny how I am not sure if there are those machines there.

Originally Posted by J_Byrd View Post
Squat depth looks good from last session, also your GM is exactly what we will be looking for in a few weeks form wise. Time to make some gains!
Thanks JB and good to know I am good to go. I feel great and healthy. Facet joint is holding up really well since before Vegas. Let's close that gap!!
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