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Originally Posted by Bodybygamma View Post
Just found out I can put that asshole on an ignore list and not have to read any of his nonsense.

#1 to be nationally ranked you have to pay powerlifting watch a fee, the same kind of money that can be spent on a drug test if someone is going to have an ego.

#2 I am only 23 years old, work full time, take care of my parents..etc..I am not even in the men's open.Also I do not train exclusively for powerlifting. I am also drug free (as my job I am required to be drug tested upon hire and randomly through out the year). I have nothing to prove to anyone by myself.

#3 Raw unity qualifications for 242 is a (1625) total.

I will hit that before I turn 25, before I turn 24 if I cared enough to use knee wraps and the mono lift (I only used knee sleeves pulled half way down only covering the top of my knee so the judges could see my quads) to hit the 580 I did but lost balance on the re-rack walk in and hit a 605lbs. I bench presses flat back and narrow without plates or any tricks to save energy for the deadlift records.

I am not going all the way to florida for ego lifting when it's not drug tested.

Also :

"Will there be drug testing?

No. Since this is an unsanctioned event that happens once a year, it would be much easier for a lifter to “beat” a planned drug test. Furthermore, there are some lifters out there that use either hormone replacement therapy, hormones for the treatment of a medical condition, or designer drugs that there are no known tests for. I have had extensive conversations with some very knowledgeable people regarding this issue, and rather than try to spend money on testing that is flawed in one way or another I felt it was better to use the funds that would be allocated for drug testing for some other aspect of the meet; such as prize money or more food for the lifters. We understand that it takes a certain kind of lifter to be able to compete under these circumstances; but overall this is the majority opinion of the lifters that have chosen to compete at Raw Unity. We have drug tested in the past, but we will not do so for 2011. If you have any questions about this rule change then feel free to email me at"

#4 I came to because of the great people , support and open forum here... but above else because of the lack of trolls. I have also supported this site, its members and above all Steve Shaw who is a great man who I am indebted too which is why I have chosen to stay with MAB for the remainder of the year.

#5 That being said if anyone has any questions for me, or is in need of advice you are more than welcome to ask me. I want to give back as much as possible.
1) There is no fee involved with being nationally ranked on Powerlifting Watch. The only fee is an annual subscription of $24 to be able to VIEW the rankings, not be included in the rankings. If you don't pay, your numbers will still be there, as long as they're high enough. The drug test is $100 per meet in the RPS (probably same in the IPA), not including the entry fee, 4x the cost of an annual sub to PLWatch in order to see that you suck and your name isn't there, except the deadlift, far down the list.

2) I'm drug-free too. What's your point?

3) Totals done with knee wraps don't count toward RUM qualification. Also, if you request a drug test at RUM, they will do one for you, as long as you pay extra $, according to Dan A. Anyway, who gives a shit? That's a cop-out. I'm drug-free, and I still want to compete against the best in the country, whether they're using drugs or not.

4) Trolls? You troll me on Facebook, talking shit, even after blocking me over there. Remainder of the year? You're leaving? That's a damn shame. LOL. Wait, is this your attempt at getting me banned? Threaten Steve (and the MAB community as a whole) with leaving because of the "troll"? What a faggy move. Just put me on ignore, Jigglemesh.

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