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Thanks Jimbo! I'll work on that arch with the rows. I kinda felt that too as I was doing them. I was tired though and didn't remember that until you pointed it out. Thanks.

Thankks fellas! Working on it. Exactly right Markie, no thinking with BBB, no need to even write down the workout as you can just remember it!

I made some progress today with squats, so that's good.

Wednesday, cycle 1, week 2

warmups: 2x 1 min Jump Rope, 15 hypers
Dynamic: 3x 5 squat jumps

5x 200, 230, 260 (belt on last set as back was tightening up)

BBB: 5x 10x 160 (much easier this time! 165 next time)

2 Side Bends with 75, then said eff it. Some back yoga and rolled out.

5x 260: My daughter with the cameo
First 10x 160:
Third 10x 160:
Last 10x 160:

I had an epiphany of sorts with squats during my BBB sets. I've always seen guys kind of arch back into squats on the way up, but I could never actually do it myself. Well, today I just started doing it. Not sure if you can tell from the videos, but I can tell and it makes a HUGE difference.

Not sure what was going on with my low back on the last set of 5. It was just stiffening up and I didn't feel like I was going to get the 5 without the belt. Or if I did, it would have dealt out a beating on my back I don't want right now.

I really think today's BBB sets were easier too because I was expecting them to be hard so I was ready for battle.

Last week I went into them thinking they wouldn't be that hard and was just blindsided and it turned into a steel cage death match. This time I was mentally geared up to go after them. Plus, I had done them once, so I knew I could do them again.

Anyway, there you go. Well chuffed with today's squats.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Going to eat myself into a coma tomorrow, then back on the wagon Friday. Scale says I'm back down to 196, but belt still says my Abs are a ways away. Oh well, there you go. Early days with all this still.
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