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Thanks, Jim! Good idea. Might look a bit dorky, but my deadlift socks go way past my knee if I pull 'em up. That'll work until I get some sleeves. I wanted sleeves for christmas anyway.

Thanks Ravi! Will do. Thanks, Imp! I'll try the baby powder too.

I pushed everything this week by a day so I wouldn't have to lift on Thanksgiving. Got family descending on us like locusts, don't want to be stressed about finding time to workout too.

Tuesday, cycle 1, week 2

Warmups: Rowing 3x 1 min, 2 pullups, 4x 8x 150 Pulldowns (pullups still causing me trouble in my elbow)
Dynamic: 3x 5-8 20KB push throws (hit the 10 foot branch a couple times! Woo Hoo!)

5x 90, 100, 115
ss w/ bandwork for shoulders

BBB sets: 5x 10x 80 (still too easy, last set 15 reps)
ss w/ underhand pulldowns: 5x 8x 240

BB Rows:
5x 5x 155 (go to 160)
ss w/ CGBP: 5x 5x 155 (ditto)

Conditioning/Strongman: Single Cleans up to 165 (tried to press it on a whim, didn't get it. Too tired)

First set 10x 80:
Third set, taped this one just for the Mettalica!
Last set, 15x 80:
Rows to see if I'm doing them right, 5x 155:
165 Clean, missed the press:

I miss doing cleans, so I just threw them in today. It is really hard to do them properly at the end of a workout!

I'm really not sure about my rowing, so fire away. Any advice there is appreciated.

Anyway, good stuff. Today was fun. I'm thinking of bumping the 5x 10 to 95 and see what happens. I remember reading Wendler saying he was a 400 bencher when he tried 5x 10 OHP with 95 and couldn't do it. I gotta tell you, I think I can do it, but still haven't hit a 300 lb bench. Probably apples and oranges, though.
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