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Originally Posted by markievicz View Post
IDFPA 2012 Push Pull Champs
Iontas Centre Castleblayney, County Monaghan

This was my second time to enter a powerlifting competition.
Weighed in at 96.7kgs , so entered in the 100kg class.
Either 4 or 5 of us in that class.
Ill know when the results are posted online.

Bench Press
125Kg Good Lift meet PR
135Kg No Lift
135Kg No Lift

190Kg Good Lift
205Kg Good Lift PR
215Kg No Lift

Disappointed with how the bench went.
Was looking to have a go at 140kg for my 3rd lift , was confident going in that 125kg and 135kg would be fine.
The bench on the day was a lot more narrow than I am used to and it threw me off a bit.
Should have considered this when deciding my 2nd lift.

Happy with the deadlift , have worked hard at this to get my numbers up, probably should have gone 210kg for 3rd lift .
I am still a long way off the standard for the day so lots of room to improve.
I think for the next meet I will really focus on my squat and deadlift.

All in all had a great day. Well worth the trip.
The place where it was held was a really great spot with top notch facilities.
The world champs was held there in 2010

My wife and nephew made the 4hr round trip - was great to have them there

Things I learned form the meet
-while all 3 lifts are planned beforehand this should not be set in stone. Circumstances can call for a change.
-leave emotions behind before making a decision on the next lift
-try watch the video of the previous lift back before making the final call on next lift.
-my wife knows more about deadlift form than I do

IDFPA 2012 Push/Pull Champs - YouTube

Thanks to all the MAB family for the well wishes and the support.

Special thanks to Steve for the deadlift program which I am convinced helped me reach the new PR.

Next meet will be the Single Lifts in Jan 2013

So time for the hard work to begin for that,

OMG - we were seperated at the hip! I missed my 2nd and 3rd bench -- and our 3rd deadlift attempts look the same! Team MAB has crazy power! lol

Great job! Very proud of you!
Raina Bilyana Grubo
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