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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Simply amazing and inspiring.

How did you go about your eating? Did you start by just eating less?
I will TRY to explain how I did it, it will probably be a boring story, and I will TRY to keep it relativly short.

Started out 800 cals a day..I am sure everyone will tell me this was the wrong way to do it, but it worked for me. I went for almost all protein, and no carbs, and as little fat as possible. 3-4 protein shakes (made with water) a day to start, then slowly added low fat yogurt, LF cheese, skim milk, etc.

After about 4 months and down maybe 60 pounds, started running, people in my support group started this "couttch to 5K in like 6 weeks" I went couch to 5k in 11 days. That was enough running for me, so I bought P90X, hated the yoga, thought the cardio was easy, but I really liked the weight lifting parts though. after 1.5 months of that, started on small weight lifting program, small time...a 100 lb set I bought my son years ago.

about 1/2 way through March I was down to about 185 (85 lbs down) we went on vacation. The hotel had a weight room. I did some working out with real poundage...that was it, I was hooked. When I went back at work (prison) I started using the weight room, and here I am.

The real challange was starting to eat more to gain muscle...IT WAS HARD. Started tracking cals, first month went up to 1500 a day, 2.5 times what I was eating, still lost weight, next month 1800 still lost, next month 2200 still losing, 2800, still losing, 3200, stayed the same (maintanance) 3500, gained 1.5 lbs, last month 3600 gained another 2, so now, I go about 3600-3700a month.

Now or the best advice I can give...early on I struck up a conversation with a guy sitting next to me watching a softball game. I mention I was trying to lose weight, and how I was doing it, he smirked, said I was doing it all wrong, but could tell I was not going to change so he would give me 1 word of advice. DO NOT DRINK ANYTHING WHEN I AM EATING, AND FOR 1 HOUR AFTER...EVER, FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Gave me his card and left.
Dr Robert Merama, Bariatric Surgeon

So I go home and research this guy out, one of the first things I find..Time Magazine lists him as the Number 1 Bariatric Surgeon in the US, and one of the top 3 in the world. So...maybe this guy knows what he is talking about.

So I e-mail him and ask why about not to drink while eating. I dont remember his reply word for word, but it was something like "1. the liquid will push food out of your stomach fast, so you eat a lot more before you feel full. 2. it also pushed it through you intestines too fast, so you do not absorb the nutrients and protein you need, so you still have to eat more to get these things, which is counter productive to eating less to lose weight."

So anyway, a year later, I have only gained about 6-7 pounds back, and that was by design. I still follow the 1 hour drink rule, so I rarely feel hungry, and I get full a LOT faster. Also, I truly believe I eat more now, than I did when I was fat....just lot better choices, and a I am a LOT more active.

If anyone has any questions, PM me and I will be happy to try to help.
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