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Mike, that's an understatement. I think my legs hurt worse today than they did yesterday. I actually woke up twice last night when my quads flared up rolling over! Unbelievable.

Thanks for the encouragement fellas! I'll get the hang of this. I am mystified by these 5x 10s though. You'll see why after today.

Thursday, cycle 1, week 1

Warmups: 2x 1 min rowing, 3x 2 pullups, some band work
dynamic warmup: 3x 5-8 pylo pushups

3x 175, 200
4x 225
2x 1x 225 (long pause)

BBB sets: 5x 10x 125 (last set was 20 reps. WTF!?)
ss w/ a lot of sets face pulls, dislocations, pull aparts, chinups 6x 2, etc.

DB Row: 5x 10x 75
Tricep pressdowns: 100x 15, 15, 12, 8, 9
Hammers: 3x 10x 25 each arm

Conditioning: 1 30ish yard "sprint" uphill. HA! Legs were not having it!

4x 225:
225 Pause:
First set 10x 125
Last set 20x 125

So I have been doing these sets with 50% pretty much, Kuyt.
I can OHP 150, but my trianing max this cycle is 140ish, so I blew through 5x 10x 70 way too easy.
I can squat 335, but my current training max is 315 so I goosed it a little considering OHP was so easy and made it 5x 10x 160 and I barely survived. My legs still freaking hurt.
Today, I can bench 275, but training max is 250 so I went 5x 10x 125 and that was ridiculously easy. I wasn't even breathing hard after 20 reps.

To say I do not understand this is another understatement.

And I'm wearing a belt from now on when I bench, because I look gigantically fat in those videos, but it is my arch and the shirt draping under me I swear, really!

Deadlifts tomorrow. Should be interesting.
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It's not rocket science." Big Swede

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