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Holy crap! Today was one of the hardest workouts of my life. This 5x 10 is no joke with squats!! Goodness.

Tuesday, cycle 1, week 1

warmups: 2x 1min Jump rope, 2x 15 reverse hypers, 3x 5-8 broad jumps and jumps for height (hands height, not a box jump). I'm also measuring these and keeping track of progress to see what happens.

3x 215, 245
2x 275 (FUUAAARKK!! should have been 3 but this was way harder than expected)
1 x 275 (Wasn't letting that rep think it's too much for me!)

2x 1x 245 Pause squats

5x 10x 160 (barely made it, was literally shaking by the end!!)

And that's it.

Holy mother that was hard. I just bailed on anything else I had planned. I could barely walk after that. And I mean I had no idea that was going to happen. On paper, I figured I was starting out fairly easy. Holy Cow. Live and learn. Also, I am now slowing my squats way down, not much bounce, no belt, etc. which certainly helped make it harder, but still.

Anyway, the whole purpose is to work on getting very tight and staying tight all the way down and up. Obviously, mixed success, but it's the first day. Pissed about that 275. I could have had it, but I lost tightness and wasn't going to get it back, so I racked it rather than hit another ugly rep.

Also, I started doing the 165s slow too, but that went out the window about middle of second set. I went on pure survival mode for reps 7-10 in the last 3 sets. Brutal.

Some videos to show you what I mean.

2x 275: Depth a little sketchy I know.

245 Pause: Pause wasn't really long enough.

Second 245 pause: better I think.

Going slow I notice it's a lot harder to hit depth or even know when you have hit depth. I'll keep working on that. Maybe I need to set up a low box and just tap it. Also, doing them this style seems a lot more hamstring as those are sore too and they usually are not after squat day.

Didn't video the 10 reppers as I was huffing and puffing like a freight train with a bad boiler. I was just concentrating on surviving. It was epic though. I'll remember those sets forever.

There you go. Might try to finish today's leftovers tomorrow on my off day, but I think I'm in for some serious pain so probably not.

We'll see. Moving along.
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