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Originally Posted by BendtheBar View Post
Sounds like an amazing time.

It was the best Steve. Only good things happen at these meets.

Glad to see with the road you've been on, health problems and such, you embrace and enjoy life.

I do Steve. Lifting and competing has brought out the best of me and has made more of a differenc ein my life than anyone can imagine. This is the reason I get so emotional about it all.

Improvement under pressure.

Competing sure does train a lifter to think fast.

Was real glad to see you crushed this.

Indeed. I thought bench was going to be my most improved lift, but deads were instead.

A very good step forward on a lift that frustrates many.

Thanks Steve. Bench is so hard for me at a meet. tremors certainly have something to do with it, but I seem to really not have alot of bench strength in me on the platform. Dang it - I should have had that 265. I have no idea why I ran out of gas so fast after the opener.

Discipline and dedication.


On the lifts...looked like tight squat calls. Way to bounce back on the 375! The first one looked close to me.

During my training, I had alot of close calls for depth. I did sink some of them, but not alot. I had never buried 405 before, so doing it here wasa real treat and progression. I thought the judges were awesome and legit.

425 and 452 deadlifts looked like a smoke show. 463 was smooth with great form. Well done!
Thanks Steve! It means alot coming from you. I am now a form freak!!

Originally Posted by Beverly McD View Post
Outstanding. Congratulations!
Thank you for both the write-up and the video.

Mike and I couldn't be there. He/I watched the live-feed at every opportunity though. Wish I could give you some info on the platform/monolift issues, but I just don't know.

Lifting on a World platform like this is a big deal. Sitting around the warm-up area and hearing all the different languages being spoken sort of brings it home that lifting in a world meet is a real accomplishment. It truly is a world meet. It's very difficult to get that many countries and cultures to work together enough to put on a meet like this. Since 9-11, and with the political turmoil the world is in, it can be difficult at times just to get the lifters and their coach's into the country.

Very nice deadlift btw! Congratulations again.
Thanks so much McD!! It was strange we were squatting on carpet. I should have asked why I guess. The quad strain seems to be getting better by the day tho.

Your bang on with what it was like there. It was both intimidating and great to see. I cannot imagine traveling to Russia for a meet. Maybe some of them are sponsored as it must be a huge expense. There was even an African lifter and a Japanese one!!

It sure was an experience of a lifetime.

Originally Posted by EliteDreams View Post
I'll say it again Jim,you deserve it: awesome job,PRs and more PRs to come!
Thanks Elite for you endless support across to forums now!!
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