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Thanks, Swede. Yeah, for a while there I literally felt like I was deflating! But, ultra low carb does not agree with me, I'd never make it on eggs and protein shakes.

Thanks, BtB. It was rough for a while there, but now we're back in business today! Off the meds, stuffed myself like hyena over the weekend. Good stuff.

So, probably overdid it a bit today, but there you go. It's what I do.

Monday Cycle 1, week 1

warmups: Pullups 2x2, Rowing 3x 1 min, Lat Pulls 2x 5x 150 (pullups were messing with my elbow a bit)
Dynamic warmup: KB push throws for height 8x 1x 20KB to a tree branch about 9 ft up. Dipped legs to start push. Like an old school two hand set shot.

3x 95, 110, 120
1x 135
1x 145
ss w/ 15x band pullaparts, face pulls, dislocations, etc.

BBB sets: 5x 10x 70 (Too easy, add 10)
ss w/ Underhand Pulldowns: 5x 8x 220

BB Rows:
Singles to 185 to get an idea where to start
5x 5x 155
ss w/ CGBP 5x 5x 155 (gonna keep these at same weight as rows)

Side, Back, and Front Raises: 2x 10 each

COnditioning: 5x 40 yard hill "sprints" easy pace

Felt good. Got all that done in barely over an hour as I kept rest times 2 min or less.

So, I'm doing a dynamic warmup targetted to the movement of the day. I'm also did Raises today to target the main muscles of the day. Threw in the close grips as I'd eventually like to get a bench movement on this day and this is an easy superset for the rows anyway.

I'm going to do those extras as I noticed at the meet most guys I lifted against had bigger shoulders than me. So the idea behind today is bigger shoulders. If anyone has a better idea how to do that, I'd be happy to here it.

Squat days the focus will be doing the movement slower and more under control as almost no one at the meet drops as fast as I do. They also have more core strength too. So, slower and tighter and core stuff on squat day. Speed is my "strength" so to speak, so I'm going to focus on my weakness here to get stronger.

Bench day will be more consistent setup and staying tight longer as well as bigger arms. All the guys who lifted more than me had bigger arms and consistent form. So, I'll be working the guns directly Swede! I'll try to make you proud.

Deadlift is a whole 'nother animal so I'll save the ideas behind that process for Friday.

Here we go. First step, done. Good start. I felt super strong today.

Oh, started the week right at 200 lbs. A bit sloppy after a weekend of crappy food, so the cleaned up diet started today too. That's another goal of this routine is that I was easily the fattest of the guys that were under 200 lbs. Hence the conditioning and the cleaner diet.

We'll see.
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