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Firstly, thanks to everyone here for the endless support and inspiration to lift at this event. It was epic, lifting next to many of the best Russians, Germans, Brits, Australians, Americans, and even African's!! In the ramp up area, I couldn't believe little old me was sitting next to a team of Russian Powerlifters. I was both intimidated and in awe. The stereotype that they never smile is bang on.

Speaking of smiles, some of the audience told me they have never seen anyone smile and have as much fun at a meet than me. I was really touched by that, especially since I had no expectations of placing. One of the judges even told me he has rarely seen a lifter come back so strong on squats after a depth miss by absolutely burying a 405. I have never buried a 405 before.

My goal at this meet was to simply do better than i did at my first, both in weight and form. I accomplished this and I am very proud of it, especially since it was done on a world stage.

That 375 opener miss is now the 2nd time I have missed my opener squat at a meet, as most of you will recall I missed my opener in Vernon as well. The 375 second lift and 403 third lift were even more special this time as not only did I bury them, they were done while nursing a bad strain in my right quad, incurred on the opener miss. I have no idea what caused it, except to say we were squatting on carpet for some strange reason. The monolifts in the ramp up area were set on portable hard surfaces, so why weren't the stage ones? I felt unstable and did not like it one bit. After the opener miss, I somehow managed to collect myself while I thought of a comment Al (LtL) made to me awhile ago that I am capable of burying anything up to and including 440. I realized I had to bury these next 2 lifts as refuse to be called on depth again. I just said f*ck it and walked out on stage and did it. The quad strain was painful before and after the squats, but I didn't feel anything while squatting, perhaps due to the sheer desire to not leave the stage with red lights again. In so far as weight is concerned, I duplicated my results from Vernon exactly. However, I am far from disappointed, considering my recent Facet Joint issues. I progressed in so many other ways mentally.

After squats, I felt absolutely great and full of energy as I prepared for Bench - exactly the opposite from my first meet. Things were looking really good. My opener of 253 got 1 red light from the rear judge. He said the bar sank into my chest slightly after the pause, which is against the rules. I didn't see that, but with my tremors it is certainly possible. My tremors were wildly out of control, which everyone noticed. They made it very difficult to control the bar, right from the liftoff. I am sure I made all the platform crew very nervous. Despite this, I feel I managed very good form. On the 2nd attempt of 265, the pause seemed like it was forever. The ceiling lights were also bothering my eyes alot and confusing me, just like car headlights do, thus making focus almost impossible. Next time it looks like I may have to close my eyes while benching. I am mildly disappointed I didn't get 265, since I trained so hard the last few months. I say mildly because i did set a meet PR of 253, which is 10 lbs more than I managed at my first meet.

I was feeling pretty wiped after Bench, both mentally and physically. I had no idea what to expect for deads. During the ramp up, everything seemed easy and smooth, which gave me reason for optimism. I simply cannot believe how easy all 3 felt on the platform. I performed them all exactly how I was taught and coached by my crew and Steve. After the 463, I couldn't stop crying. It was the last lift of the day and i nailed it. My form on deads this day was the best it has ever been. I don't think its possible for me to do them any better. The last time I lifted this type of weight was a few weeks ago. I missed my first attempt that day with Mario coaching me. He wouldn't accept it, and I did pull a 465 that day soon after, but it was very difficult. This 463 honestly felt like 405. Another reason I was crying is that I knew this meant a 495 is going to be mine and soon. As you all know, a 5PPS deadlift is a lifting dream of mine. I think I would have been able to pull close to this if i had a 4th attempt.

I do have to tell all of you that the 'step up and rip it off the floor" method of deadlifting is a blast and i will always deadlift that way from now on. It does take awhile to learn, especially getting hips into position quickly and having confidence they are where they should be. I think alot of lifters fuss with the hip position too long by moving around too much right before the lift. This piece of advice from my crew and Steve really turns deads into major league fun.

My pre meet planning and prep also turned out to be bang on. I simply could not have felt any better and ready to lift than I did that morning.

Brian was also was in attendance for the day. He helped me setup my monolift height and rack height on bench. I can tell you it meant alot to me that he was there for me. He was very excited about my last squat and that I was able to recover once again and battle adversity, especially with the quad strain. It made my day that I was able to make my coach proud.

Last, but not least, I have to say so many thanks to Collin from M&S for helping me out and thus for being a big factor in my success. I had absolutely nothing to worry about except my lifts with him by my side. He truly is the epitome of what this forum is all about. Just like Rich and Joe in Texas, I consider him to be a good friend of mine.

170 KG (375 lbs) No Lift - 3 red lights due to depth.
170 KG (375 lbs) Good Lift - 3 white lights
182.5 KG (403 lbs) Good Lift - 3 white lights

Bench Press
115 KG (253 lbs) Good Lift - 2 white lights and 1 red due to bar sinking into chest after pause.
120 KG (265 lbs) No Lift - 3 red lights could not lock it out.
120 KG (265 lbs) No Lift - 3 red lights as I ran out of gas

192.5 KG (424 lbs) Good Lift - 3 white lights
205 KG (452 lbs) Good Lift - 3 white lights
210 KG (463 lbs) Good Lift - 3 white lights

My Favorite Part Of Lifting Is Having The Opportunity
Meet PR's: (May 2014) Raw Natural
Squat 475 lbs
Bench: 286 lbs
Deadlift: 501 lbs
Total: 1262 lbs
Age: 50

Gym PR's:
Squat: 495 lbs
Bench: 300 lbs
Deadlift: 520 lbs/500X5
Total: 1315 Lbs
Age 50
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