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Week 36, Monday, 11-5-12
Hangcleans 145 (6,6,6)
Squats (heels on a board), 250 (7,7,7).
Calf Raise 8 reps, 305, 320, 330
Leg Press, 690(8), 780(6)
W.Situps, 70 pounds, 2x15.

Squat form has been solid for the past couple of weeks and I've moved up a bit in squats, calf raises and leg press.

Week 36, Tuesday, 11-6-12
Bench, 240(9,9,7). 25RG met. Time to move up.
DbRow 95 (12,10).
Dips BW+75(8,5,3).
Chinups BW+10(7,6,4)

I've been experimenting with dips and chinups to see if the weight matters much of if it is just my arms getting tired. Over the last few weeks, I've tried dips at 65, 70, and 75 pounds and I can do about the same number of reps no matter which weight I use. It's about the same for chinups too. Weird.
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