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Originally Posted by rammjet View Post
My daughter has a tough time with tests. She gets all worked up and just can not take them very well. What are some good study tips that I can give her so she can study better and do better on tests.
Well, since she gets worked-up about taking tests, that would seem to indicate that she may also not sleep well the night before the test, or for several nights prior to the test; so, one very useful piece of advice, aside from learning/revision set-ups and schedules etc, is to inform her that the brain assimilates information, getting a good night's sleep helps the brain to memorise what has been learned during the day/s...I never had a bad night's sleep prior to an exam because I would always remind myself of that fact; I did my job with the revision, then I had to let my brain do its job whilst I slept.

That should help her relax a bit, and that may be all that's needed to assist with the tests themselves since if she's relaxed, it will be easier for her to learn, store and recall information.
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