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Starting Weight: 165
End Weight: 172

CBL was an interesting experience. I had the book and basically followed the meal plan at the end of the book for Back Loading for people who train @ 9AM. (I've came a across a lot of questions online about if you can Back Load for morning training sessions, BUY THE BOOK! it answers all your questions.)

Meal 1
I'm totally a breakfast guy. I'm the guy who wakes up early before work so I can have a full breakfast. So for me it took some time to get used to just having coffee and some cream. I basically fasted in the morning only drinking coffee.

Pre Workout
Still just coffee - I substituted a pre-work out every so often though. Some days I just wanted my frickin pancakes.

In the post-training he recommend taking in a Hypertrophic Potentiator Formula (no carbs) - Caffeine, whey, casein, hydrolysate, leucine, creatine. I didn't put all of that in because I don't have the money to be spending on all of that. I basically just had 50 grams protein, more caffeine, and creatine in mine.

30 Minutes Later
Iginition Formula: Consisted of Whey protein and more Caffeine!!

Finally could eat solid foods and would have a Salad with lean protein and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, almonds, and such.

a low carb protein shake

let the eating begin:
Dinner around 6ish
I went crazy with buying the whole roasted chickens and eating half of it or sometimes close to the whole thing. There was no limit on the carb sources: white rice, french bread, sometimes I threw in a donut for good measure. It was quite ridiculous and really went against everything I knew about nutrition at night.

Before Bed
Another Protein Shake then I usually either had a bowl of lucky charms or cocoa puffs. Some nights I'd sit on my couch and enjoy a pint of ice cream as well.

the first couple days was rough for me to get started because it was all about planning. I also had to get used to working out in a fasted stated which initially sucked but I was hyped up on so much caffeine by then. It was kind of hard to notice.

After the initial phase I started to recognize some morning I did wake up much drier and muscles looked much fuller. It was pretty crazy. My strength levels were going up and my body was still feeling pretty good. You would think with all the crap you are putting in your body you would feel like a slob. But no.

Night time was comical because there would be times when I'm out with friends on a weeknight and I would crush half a pizza. They thought something went wrong in my head because I was usually the one to have salad and protein when we went out. But the next mornings after my CBL and after working out the same friends would recognize that I was getting bigger.

Why I stopped? First I stopped because I compared my grocery expenses during CBL and before. I was spending a lot more on the CBL diet. Mainly because of the whole chickens, pizza, pints of ice cream, cereals, donuts. On the CBL diet it is recommended to get the foods with all the carbs people say you shouldn't have. So I did.

Personally, I couldn't come to terms with eating the way I did. Although it was working for me, I came to a point where I thought would this really be a lifestyle thing for me. It was an interesting experiment, but personally I wouldn't do it again. Knowing I'm putting all this processed food in my body didn't set well with me and I was spending a lot more on groceries than I did.

Let me know if you have any questions. I'll be glad to answer them.
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