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Originally Posted by Squatter View Post
I think my squat would have been good at a meet. However, I was very upset and concerned about the lean. It means that my Facet Joint is out, yet again. It was fixed just 2 days ago. It is becoming more and more frequent. It stabilized for a few months, which was good, but the trend now is becoming troublesome and worrisome.

I had to go see David, my physiotherapist for another treatment today. The news is not good. He strongly urged me to stop lifting heavy, especially on squats, for at least a few months. He is not optimistic, with good reason, that my Facet Joint will stabilize. Las Vegas will likely be my last meet, barring some miracle. If the soft tissue surrounding the joint doesn't get stronger or less stretchy, I will never be able to lift heavy again. David was very concerned about the long term effects of constantly hitting this already fragile joint hard with heavy weights. He is going to refer me to a specialist that may be able to help me, so there is some hope. I am also going to see my family doc to see if she has any ideas.

To be 100% honest with all of you, I am feeling quite devastated and upset. I really just want to go to bed and cry. It's a tough pill to swallow. I am still going to Vegas and will lift my ass off like there is no tomorrow, with David's blessing. He told me to go and crush it and that he would give me a free treatment when I get back.

David did tell me I can continue to lift, just not heavy - to cap squats at 315 for a few triples for a few months and then progress with baby step fractional plates after that. I am grateful that I am able to still lift, but it won't be quite the same.

After the meet, I will pursue other options that may help me. I won't give it up without a fight. I am hoping the meet will give me some fight, cuz I sure don't have it right now. I have no idea what to pick for an opener now for squat. At this point, I would go dancing down the strip if I could duplicate what I did in Vernon. I will never forget that squat. It makes me happy. This is what I want to do in Vegas, more than anything else. I don't want that to be my last 405 squat.
I know it is easier said then done but you need to hang in there Jim. Nothing is impossible and I do hope that there must be a solution for your joint problem also. The best part is that that your doc knows what exactly the problem is and more than willing to help. If you can do 315 for triples, then you know that problem is not that deeper. You have the capability to overcome this and I know you will. And by no means this will be your last meet.

As far as opener in the meet is concerned, I think your 1st attempt should be the wt. which give you confidence to go heavy. 315-330 would be an ideal wt. You can lift this in your sleep also. However there are more experienced lifter in the forum who can guide you better.

Keep lifting brother and stay healthy ...
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