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Thrilled that Lucas is out of the SW business. The films he was the most involved in, like Episode I and II, were disasters (though Episode IV was pretty good). From the choice of actors to the directing to the God-awful dialogue--Lucas just about ruined the first two prequels. However, the film he was least involved in, Empire Strikes Back, is universally seen as the best Star Wars movie.

Disney has done pretty well with Marvel and some other important franchises, so this can be a very good thing imo.

Which SW plot line will be Episode 7? I'd be thrilled if they went with Timothy Zahn's Heir to the Empire (Thrawn) trilogy? It would introduce Thrawn as a cool new bad guy as well as Mara Jade as an interesting side character, and use the same major characters, though in the books, it takes place just a few years after ROTJ, it could be stretched to be decades later, I think (making it possible to use the original actors if they're willing).

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