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Thank you very much fellas! I really appreciate your support. I know it helps me.

Nothing on for this week except resting and eating anything I want. Then it's back to more disciplined eating. I'm leaning toward lower carb eating, but mostly through cleaner carbs and most of them at one particular meal. I noticed simply by going clean carb I dropped 5-6 pounds easily this past month. I don't really care what I weigh (within reason), but I want to figure out where I really should be. I also am going to be much more precise in terms of getting enough protein. I wing that too much and I don't think that's good.

And obviously I need to get going on the next phase of lifting. I'm going to be sticking with Wendler, but getting out of fullbody stuff for a while and going into a lift a day again.

1. Better conditioning.
2. Keep progressing on lifts. Especially on better form and becoming a lot more consistent with my set ups and cues and practicing how to get tight and stay tight longer and better.
3. Start adding in some strongman type stuff with an eye on doing a meet for that next year sometime.
4. Be more consistent with flexibilty stuff and corrective lifts, as well as post workout stretching and recovery stuff.

So, my plan is for the next two months to do 5-3-1 with Boring But Big and finishing with a strongman type activity or running hills.

To ease into this, I will not push too much on extra reps at first. I'll start the 5x 10s very low, and start with very light sets and reps with strongman stuff and running building up volume on all that as I adjust.

Pretty basic Wendler routine, but I am going to modify it for Deadlifts as high rep deadlifting is not a good idea for me for a variety of reasons. I'm only going to be conventional from the floor twice a month, and only once a month above 90%. Instead I'm going to be doing more Sumo, Rack Pulls/Shrugs, Rows, etc. BtB gave me the idea and those things will fit into the 5x 10 template pretty well.

Enough rambling. I've got a plan laid out which I will start Monday in a new log.

Onward and upward. JB called it. Just keep moving forward, that's what it's all about.
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