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For me CBL works great. In my last big period of weightloss I went from 95-96kgs all of the way down to 77kgs at my lowest. During that period I went from carb cycling to full Leto diet as I got leaner. Eventually I was having 25grams of carbs pre and post training and one carb up day per week where I'd eat as much as possible. I got pretty lean, 10% body fat possibly lower but I also lost muscle, was grouchy, miserable and lacked energy.

Naturally I am not a big eater of carbs anyway. Never have been. I would eat meat and veg all day with the odd sweet treat rather than loads of potatoes, bread or rice with each meal. Those kind of carbs often left me feeling lethargic particularly first thing in the morning when the blood sugar drop was pretty bad.

All of these things combined mean that CBL works well for me. To answer your original question the pros are:

- Works with my natural eating rhythms (light in the morning, heavy in the evening) and with my natural food tastes as described above.
- It requires minimal food prep as you can always find meat to eat and remove carbs.
- It's a sociable diet. I can eat with the family in the evening and if I have a business lunch and stay on diet without having to raise hell to get the food I need.
- You get to eat whatever carbs you want.
- It's the only time I have actively recomped since I started training. I can maintain weight and have my waist get smaller at the same time.


- Difficult to gain mass on it I think although I haven't tried yet.
- Won't work for everyone. If you are a natural meat eater, it's great but my wife for example processes carbs really well, never gets the blood sugar spikes and drops that I had even when eating "good" carbs so she would HATE the keto part of the day.

Does that cover it?
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