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Default 50' Closer To A Cure

What is 50' Closer To A Cure? What cure is it closer to? What makes you do what you do? Why risk hurting yourself again just to put these events on for the people? These are some of the common questions I've been getting from news media, fans who attend the events, folks on the Internet, people I meet on the street...etc. I figured I would take a moment to clear it all up, and introduce myself to those who do not already know me in the process.

So, to kill two birds with one stone let's start with the shorter of the two birds... For those who don't already know me let me introduce myself! My name is Justin, or as I once was known DocColossus. I've known a few of you all for about 5 years now, from and then over to here. I've followed your journeys, been inspired by your stories and philosophy. For those I don't already know I'm excited to meet you! Anyways, that's my little "hello", now back to Team 50'!

So 50' Closer aka Team 50' is a non-profit based fundraising campaign that began with one two wide fire truck pull for charity back in June of 2012 and still continues today! In June a Massachusetts family suffered a substantial loss, a woman died of a heart attack only 3 days after giving birth to twins. Her husband was rocked. Her babies now without the love of a mother. Their world was upside down and I felt I had a means of helping them, so I lined up a charity fire truck pull where I pulled a 41,800lb fire truck a total of 150' and raising $2,500 to offer the husband and father some financial comfort for a short while, give him a chance to breathe again... The town folks in attendance, roughly 400 of them in total, loved what they saw, and so I found my calling and 50' Closer was born. I pulled the truck 50' three separate times, each 50' closer to bringing the man who lost his wife a chance to find hope and inspiration to continue to move on. In a way it challenged him to do great things himself.

That was June. In August myself and 3 other Massachusetts based strongman competitions joined forces and put on another truck pull for charity. This time a 14' tall monster truck! The event was in support of a wheelchair a cessions playground at a Massachsuetts based year round specialized facilities camp for mentally and physically disabled children. We incorporated a tire flip as well as a car dead lift in this event as well. The kids loved it, but I'm sure they loved the face painting, bouncy house and kids truck pull event we had there too! These kids were inspired man, they really were! We felt very humbled and proud that day! In total after cash and online donations 50' Closer raised about $1,000. The event raised more but there were more expenses for this one and that took Way from the final donation amount.

The following month, in September, team members pulled a 150,000lb airbus in Virginia in support of the Virginia Special Olympics. We had team members from Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, Pensylvania and Ohio on that rope that afternoon, and in that moment I realized the 50' Closer brand and mission was spreading! Walked away with a few trophies that day too! The team raised about $2000 for that event.

October was another plane pull month, this time a 211,000lb airbus in support of Multiple Sclerosis at TF Green in rhode island. The team not only walked away with the trophy for crowd favorite, another trophy for the heaviest team under 25 team members, but we also walked away with the fastest pull trophy, and broke a 7 year standing record by more than a second, which in plane pull time a second is like an eternity! The team, now 25 members deep, raised $2,500!!!

That's a total of roughly $8,000 raised for various charities since June! Just imagine what we will do when we grow and continue these events nation wide!

We are currently planning next months event scheduled for November 25, 201/ in Foxboro MA. This event is military themed, raising money for Homes For Our Troops, a charity which raises funds to help support the building of handicap a cession home for soldiers critically wounded in combat. We have a farmers carry, tire flip, car deadlift and truck pull scheduled as well as the kids truck pull, face painting, Europa sending tables upon tables of vendor supplement companies and so much more!

The news media, thus far being newspapers, television news stations, Internet interviews and radio interviews) has been huge in helping spread the word of our cause! Every event inspired someone new, someone in need of something amazing in their lives. These events change people. If you desire change you must first become the change... That's our philosophy, and we walk that walk each and every day.

Please visit the Facebook page at and LIKE it, SHARE it and help spread the word! I know a few of you are already on there, it's my hope that dozens more will also help spread the word!

Bringing the sports of bodybuilding and strongman out of the dark shadows they have been forced to hide in for years now, showing the community that the folks who "only care about how they look/about themselves" actually do care, that we do want to see a change, and that we are willing to become that change to help society as a whole get to the point it wants to be. We are making a difference in the lives of others, and inspiring change, 50 feet at a time.

Thank you for reading this. Please ask anything you want and i am happy to answer!

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