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Slept in this morning, so I had to squat in the JimGym. No big deal really, as I should be squatting in a rack anyway, since in Vegas I will have to do so. The Crew would all be using the monolift, as they are all in gear. (I am the only raw lifter there).

Did some pretty good work today, despite my lower back not really co-operating. It was pretty tight when I woke up. I used my brand new rumble roller for the first time and endured the pain long enough to loosen it up enough to squat. I might have to pay my physiotherapist a visit before the meet to make sure that stupid facet joint is in place. My lower back felt like a million bucks after the session, so let's hope it stays that way.

I also have some worst case scenario news regarding my eyes. I had to pay the surgeon an emergency visit on Friday. My visual clarity decreased quite a bit last week. My eyes are also sore all the time. After his examination, he told me I have started to develop Cataracts in both eyes. My Birdshot inflammation is also worsening. He cannot treat my inflammation because the steroid shot acts like fertilizer for Cataracts. When the time comes to operate on my eyes, and it will, he will have to choose between the lesser of two evils, as operating on the eyes to remove the Cataracts will cause the Birdshot to worsen by as much as 50%. Leaving the Cataracts will also cause vision loss. Either way, I will lose upwards to 50% of my vision with a chance of complete blindness. I am royally screwed. I am trying my best to absorb and deal with this, but it's proving to be very hard. I just can't come to terms with this and I'd be lying if I said it didn't think about it all the time. It's eating me up emotionally.

I had some difficulty getting my stance just right today.

I'm now going to rest for a couple of days and hold my mock meet Halloween night. I will be using my ramp ups I plan to use at the meet; lifting up to my openers only, practicing commands and wearing my singlet. On Saturday, I will have a loosen up very light session before my massage and haircut appointment, Then I will have 4 complete days of rest before I lift November 8th.

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