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Jay Bigguy is off to a bad start

I'm gonna plan things a little more than I have done in the past.
When I read my log I've been doing some excersize to often.

If you guys have a second to check my training plan I would apreaciate it

Maybe some things you need to know first.
I'm a raw lifter and am 6"6' tall 264 lbs with about 12% fat (totally guessing here, but you can see abs).
My strength stats are:
Squat 440 lbs
Bench 320 lbs
Dead 650 lbs

If been trying to get to 330 lbs benchpres for about 4 months now so I hope after my current deload I can. Also have tried 660 lbs deadlift wich is 300 in kilo's so its kind of a magical number for me. I think I can make that one allready, but want to make sure I wont miss it next try.

Here goes:

Gonna do this stuff after every bench workout -> to keep my wrist and elbows healthy
* Light band pushdown 3x failure (15 sec rest)
* Wrist curl 3 x failure (15 sec rest)
* reverse wrist curl 3x failure (15 sec rest)

(btw. I call Plate loaded -> Plated)

week 1:

Bench DE:
40% bench + doubled monster mini bands 8x3
CGBP 6x10
Latpulldown 3x10
Sitting Rope facepulls 2x15

Squat DE:
40% squat + choked monster mini + choked light bands 8-12x2
Goodmorning 4x10
Standing cable crunch 4x15

Bench ME:
2board press 5x5
30 incline benchpress 4x12
Cable side raises 3x12 (dropsets)
Bentover dumbell side raises 3x12 (dropsets)

Squat ME:
60-65cm (24-26inch) box squat 5x5
Deadlift 3x10
Band legcurl 3x20

Week 2:

Bench DE:
65% bench + reverse monster mini 8x3
JM press 6x10
Plated cable row 3x10
Sitting dumbell side raise 3x10

Squat DE:
65% squat + reverse light bands 8x2
Squat with light band around knees (knees-out-squat) 4x8
Plated cable pull through 4x10
Weighted crunch on ball

Bench ME:
benchpress + reverse light bands 4x3
30 incline dumbell press 4x8
Plated lowrow 4x8
Dumbell cuban press 3x12

Squat ME:
Squat 4x3
40cm (16 inch) box Goodmorning 4x10
Kneeling cable crunch 4x12

Week 3:

Bench DE:
50% bench + 24 kilo / 53 lbs (total) chains 8x3
Benchpress 4x10
Rope pushdown 3x10
Barbell Row 3x10

Squat DE:
50% squat + 40 kilo / 88 lbs (total) chains 8x2
50% deadlift + 40 kilo / 88 lbs (total) chains 6x1
Medium band goodmorning 3x20

Bench ME:
Benchpress 3x1 or 4x2
Plated latpulldown 4x8
OH Press 4x8

(maybe some extra day or two rest before pulling a new max)

Squat ME:
Deadlift 3x1
Standing plated leg curl 4x10
Machine leg extentions 3x12

week 4:
- deload -
probably do nothing or maybe some 60% and low rep just for technique
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