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In general, I'm not moved by people saying they're offended about something. Don't want to be identified with stereo type x? Stop glorifying it in your culture.

Note that its also ok to mock me, but as a big white dude, I'm not supposed to joke about anything. As a christian, my religion can be mocked and torn down, but I can't make fun of others. Not that I would but the disparity is there.

You can't talk disrespectfully about the Prophet. But you can get a gov't grant to piss in a jar and stick a crucifix in it.

I can't call black people black, but I can be called white, honkey, cracker.

You can't say a thing about how damn skinny folks are, but i can be mocked for

I'm not buying to it. I don't care if people around me are shocked and put off by simple statements. They aren't intended to offend, I don't go for racial slurs, but I'm not going to alter my life and my speech just because someone wants to get pissy about a word.

Last part of the rant. How black to you have to be to be black? Doesn't seem to matter. But I need to prove my family history to say I'm Cherokee. I don't look it, so now I have to prove how pure I am. Bullshit.
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